Best Beer and Pizza Pairings

Not sure which beer goes best with a Margherita pizza? Bado’s Pizza Grille and Ale House, has been offering its famous pizzas and 20 rotating draft beers in the Pittsburgh area since 1984. To answer which beer is best, often, it is easier to stop by and sample for yourself because the answer is not “one size fits all”. But, we at Bado’s, can offer our recommendations!

Beer and Pizza – Bringing Out the Best in Bothpizza and beer pairings pittsburgh

There is no doubt that beer and pizza go hand in hand, but the real challenge is finding the right combination to please your palette. Our beer recommendations for the more common pizzas are as follows:

• Margherita Pizza: with this classic, we recommend a simple, less intensive beer. You do not want your beer to overpower the fresh flavors of the mozzarella, herbs and rich tomato sauce. Try a pale ale or a malt beer to complement this tasty pie.
• Veggie Pizza: for all the veggie lovers, try an IPA that goes toward green (think grassy and oniony). This pairing will highlight the crisp garden flavors of the pie.
• Pepperoni Pizza: this pizza pairs best with an IPA (preferably, black) or a well hopped beer. This combination is sure to bring out the kick in the pepperoni.
• Hawaiian Pizza: if this pie includes ham, your best route to bring out the sweetness of the pineapple and the smokiness of the pig is a smoked beer.
• BBQ Chicken Pizza: try a Porter to cut through the bold taste of barbecue. This pairing will also intensify the smokiness of this pie.

We invite you to try these combinations and more at Bado’s Pizza Grille and Ale House. Our suggestions are best when tried first hand.

Beer, Pizza and Much More

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